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AVX was founded with the vision of bringing advanced vertical takeoff and landing aircraft to the mass market.  Led by a team of highly experienced engineers and other professionals the Company maintains a horizontally integrated manufacturing strategy with a large compliment of world-class aviation industry teammates.


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General performance benefits derived from the AVX configuration are as follows:

  • Increased high/hot hover capability
  • Coaxial rotor power required to hover is 15-18% less than single rotor + tail rotor
  • Rotor-on-rotor wake interaction reduces power 5-6%
  • Eliminating anti-torque power saves 10-15% of power required
  • Increased cruise speed, range and endurance
  • Induced power in cruise is 20% less than single rotor + tail rotor
  • Fan propulsive efficiency is higher than tilting rotor for propulsion
  • Fans act as stabilizers and are in axial flow
  • Potentially less susceptible to “brownout” due to take-off and landing attitude
  • Fans can be used to decelerate, eliminating need for flare to a hover
  • Easier to fly than conventional helicopter
  • Safer to fly than conventional helicopter
  • Flight behavior highly similar to fixed-wing flying qualities
  • There is no coupling between the collective and pedals


Ease of maintenance and accessibility play a crucial role in performance with the AVX / FVL.


Crew and troop seating illustration of the AVX / FVL